We want the candidate to find YOU!

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Get the right candidates!

Our matching system finds those who really fit the vacancy requirements.

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Save your time!

You will see only those candidates that are interested in your vacancy.

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Make communication productive!

Easy-to-understand interface and well-designed vacancy structure will cover candidate’s questions before they even arise.

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Fill vacancies with Jobla.co

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Add your company and post vacancies

Set up a profile for your company, post the open vacancies and add detailed descriptions and requirements. Jobla.co will do the rest.

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See selected candidate profiles

See anonymous profiles of candidates that match your requirements and open profiles of those who applied for the position. Get in touch with the best talent.

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Hold interviews and choose the best fit

Evaluate the candidates offline and mark their progress within Jobla.co platform. Select the top performer and give a job offer.

Hold interviews and choose the best fit - Jobla.co
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Made the right choice?

You will have one month to evaluate the performance of a new employee. Pay the 20% commission only when you’re sure that this is a real match.

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